Getting into the depth of the flawless operations of is designed with unique analytical tools that aim at empowering the crypto ecosystem bty kicking out the middlemen from the trade.

There are several bodies that exist in the crypto realm and all of them all together form the crypto ecosystem. Each one of them stepped into this world to make some remarkable and valuable changes that contribute in bringing great changes along with adding efficiency to the current trading operations. is one of the bodies that was launched with the prime objective of removing middlemen from the trading process so as to bring more transparency to trading activities. There is a lot more that you need to learn about this platform and its prime functionalities. 

If you are still perplexed relating to what is, then just walk down the intact read to figure out the meaning, functionalities, and other notable attributes of this platform. 

The evolution journey of

Gone through several stages this platform was formerly known by the name BitcoinHEX. After this, it was renamed, and lastly it is now recognized by the name The platform was founded by Richard Heart and got released on December 02, 2019. Defining one year long launch phase, this platform was the result of the efforts of several years that were dedicated to building and making the best optimization of game theory. 

On the last day of the launch phase, all the unclaimed HEX was distributed to the Staker class and that day is know as the BigPayDay in the history of the crypto realm. 

How is changing the lives of investors?

The layout of every platform is drawn by taking into consideration a unique motive or objective. This platform is also launched holding some visions with it. The core aim of this platform was to improve lives by enhancing trading features.

But, do you know what those services are?

If not, then we have summarized some of the information:

  • Eradicate the involvement of the middlemen
  • Involvement of delayed gratification
  • Dealing with the highest appreciating classes of assets
  • Provides remarkable returns on the investor’s funds
  • High staking rewards

A precise guide on how to stake HEX

Before learning the process of getting HEX, you should know that one cannot buy these coins directly. Instead, we have to swap a compatible token (ETH) in order to secure HEX tokens. 

Thus, assuming that you are already operating the MetaMask Wallet, we are hereby providing you with an outline of the actions that you need to take. Check out the steps provided underneath:

  1. Using your MetaMask Wallet initiate the process of getting ETH with Wyre or CoinSwitch
  2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet by visiting
  3. Swap ETH for HEX after leaving some of them for paying off the gas fees
  4. Visit the staking site of for staking your HEX

The security factor of the

When dealing in the crypto world where everything from soup to nuts is virtual, it becomes important to have a look into the security aspect of that particular platform. Thus, to ensure that this platform is secure for investors, it has undergone several audits. To count on fingertips, there were two independent audits and one economical audit was conducted in this consideration. The two independent audits were performed by and

Thus, after in-depth research, it has been finally concluded that the platform is highly secure and to maintain transparency relating to this links to both the audit reports are provided on the official page of the platform. Anyone can tap on the provided link and read the intact audit report after reaching the official website of

Final Lines is designed with unique analytical tools that aim at empowering the crypto ecosystem bty kicking out the middlemen from the trade. Further, the platform also aims at ensuring the liberty and security of the investors' funds. Having superior branding this platform is not only economical but also transparent. The HEX token runs on Ethereum and has a record of zero negative externalities. This read was crafted to give you an idea of the functioning of this platform. You can too explore the features of this platform by navigating the official website of the platform.

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