How To Find Lost Airpods – Here Are 3 Different Ways

Have you wondered about how to find lost airpods? Then you are on the right track. Here are the lists of…

If your AirPods get stolen, then you can easily locate them with the help of Apple's Find My Network. There are several generations of Airpods across three model categories as airpods, airpods Max, and AirPods pro.

On the other hand, if you don't have much idea about finding my network, then it won't be useful for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways of finding lost AirPods.

How To Find Lost Airpods In 3 Different Ways  

Below we are going to discuss such ways of finding the lost AirPods in 3 several ways.

1) How To Set Up The "Find My" Feature On Your Iphone?  

  • First, you have to open the "settings" application

  • Then you need to tap on your name at the top

  • After that, tap on the feature "Find My."

  • Then verify "Find My iPhone."

If your iPhone's "Find My" is not enabled, then you can operate some additional settings.

2) How To Find Stolen Airpods?  

You can easily locate such Airpods after they have been stolen or misplaced.

Note: Apple won't play a role as an opposed party when you are tracking down the stolen items, but instead of that, it asks users to lodge complaints to the police.


  • First, you have to open the "Find My" application

  • Then tap the bottom portion of the screen.

  • After that, locate your missing Airpods' name

  • Then you can use this menu to find your Airpods

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3) You Can Involve The Police For Getting Stolen Airpods   

Airpods are such small devices that can be swiped from the table easily in just a second. In this case, as a resource, you can involve the police in investigating this item.  


When your AirPods get stolen, then the thief tries to use them or even it could be sold down. Thus chances are lost in getting the Airpods back. In this case, you can use "Lost Mode," which will tell you exactly where you find them.


That is why they notify the police, file a police report, and then hope for the best. However, Aipods don't have much personal information and are also relatively not much expensive.


In this case, stealing is not the end-word scenario. There would be a slight chance of recovering the stolen items. Or else you can buy a new one.

4) You Can Order Replacement Airpods Parts   

If your AirPods get stolen, then you can get a new earbud along with a charging case at a very lesser price. In this case, you have to provide a serial number to the Apple support store so that they can easily set up a replacement.


The Airpods serial number is stored on your iPhone:


  • First, you have to open the setting application

  • Then click on the Bluetooth option

  • Then you have to locate your Airpods and tap the "i" icon

  • The serial number is actually here

5) You Can Enable "Lost Mode."   

Once you can enable the "Lost Mode," then it can notify the owner when it is located. In this case, first, you have to go to the "Menu" of the "Find My" application. After that, you have to select "Activate." then you will get an option named "Mark As Lost." In this way, you can operate the "Lost Mode" system for your AirPods.

Some Of The Best Features Of Airpods  

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Below we are going to discuss the best features of Airpods

1) Bluetooth Pairing Is Easier   

When it comes to Airpods then, pairing is quite easier with any iPhone device. Although with Apple headphones, you never experience any issues or problems. Apple's Airpods do a much better job at efficiency and connectivity than others like audiotechnica over ear headphones.

2) The Battery Life Is Quite Longer   

When it comes to battery life, then AirPods are one of the best suitable Bluetooth headphones. These AirPods come with a charging case that you can use after full charging for 24 hours.

Another exceptional feature of the AirPods is that if you can charge it for just 15 minutes, then you can use it for at least 3 hours.

3) iCloud Is Beneficial In Your Airpods   

One of the biggest advantages of Airpods is that if your AirPods have been paired with one Apple device, then you can get access to every Apple device you own.

This means if you own anything which uses iCloud, no matter if it is a phone, iPad, or MacBook, then you don't have to worry. You can easily get connected every time with the particular airport.

In Conclusion  

We have discussed the best ways where you can find the lost AirPods above in this article. Actually, using Airpods is one of the easiest ways where you can easily use them.

No matter if you are commuting to work or cleaning your house, you can easily use these AirPods. One of the biggest advantages that we have already mentioned is that with just 15 minutes of charging, you can easily use these airpods for at least 3 hours.

Thank you for reading till the end.


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