Popular Cryptocurrencies Today

Of course, the first place always remains BTC.

It is not uncommon for some people to ask, what are the most sought-after crypto currencies today? Leaders do not change for a long time, but if we look at the top ten currencies, there are frequent changes. Let's consider in order the most popular cryptocurrencies among ordinary investors and whole companies. You can find more details about payment aggregator for business on the portal.

Of course, the first place always remains BTC. This is by the way the first crypto, on the basis of BTC almost all of its today's competitors were designed to some extent. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is buying more than others, this currency in different volumes have all of the largest funds, as well as financial companies. It is especially sensible to buy Bitcoin at the moment, because its price is now at its lowest. If you buy Bitcoin today, you can count on the growth of the currency in the future. As a result, the amount invested can increase several times.

The second most popular coin is Ethereum. Probably everyone, even a little bit interested in crypto, has heard about it. You should consider ETH as a long term investment, because this currency is always in development, new startups are constantly being launched based on ETH, which, by the way, eventually attract the largest audience of fans.

If you want stability, you should pay attention to Tether, because the rate of this crypto is tied to the dollar. Thus, by storing assets in USDT, you can significantly reduce investment risks. A huge number of investors use Tether as an asset-saving tool. But this is naturally not the only such cryptocurrency, there is also, say, USD Coin, its share is also quite significant.

If we consider the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency industry, then we should definitely think about Solana and ADA. These are very interesting investment tools for both beginners and professional investors. Everyone should keep these coins in his portfolio.

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