Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide : What You Should Know Before Playing

The player kills monsters, earns loot, and grows in power to kill even more monsters in flashier and flashier ways, and that core gameplay loop remains mostly unchanged.

There aren't many games harder to pick up than Diablo 2: Resurrected. After an opening cinematic, no guide helps players through. No tips pop up on the screen. No tutorial walks through designing a build. NPCs don't tell players where to go or give specific markers. It's a hardcore game for hardcore gamers.

What is Diablo 2: Resurrected?

Diablo 2 Resurrected is a remaster of the original Diablo 2 that bundles in its Lord of Destruction expansion. Players take control of a character from one of a series of classes, each with their own abilities.

The player kills monsters, earns loot, and grows in power to kill even more monsters in flashier and flashier ways, and that core gameplay loop remains mostly unchanged.

What is new, however, are the stunning new visuals, with the team giving the underlying game a new coat of paint. The game will support 4K and offers some minor quality-of-life tweaks including a Shared Stash for transferring Diablo 2 Items for Sale , automatic gold pickup, and an easier way to sort through your loot.

Pick a good starter class

Your first decision upon starting is choosing a class, and unfortunately, the game does about as little as possible to explain what it's like to play as any of them. Aside from a brief description, you're left to make your choice largely based on the look of each class. While you can always roll additional new characters, there's no swapping classes once you make your choice, so any time you sink into a character will be for naught if you decide you'd actually rather play something else. (You can, thankfully, make use of the new shared loot box to move items between characters--no more starting a session, dropping everything you own in town, exiting, and then returning with another character to move items.)

Some classes are better-suited for newcomers than others; Sorceress is heavily dependent on spellcasting and mana, as you'd imagine, and is relatively frail, making it a more challenging character to play solo at the start (although her teleport ability is a real life-saver once you get it). On the other hand, Paladins can take more of a hit and can heal without potions, while Necromancers can summon an army of minions who will not only dish out damage, but more importantly, distract and absorb enemy attacks, helping to keep you alive.

From a pure entertainment perspective, this is an entirely subjective choice, though there's a reason Barbarian was the one returning character in Diablo 3 at launch--Blizzard thought there was real room for improvement with that one. The limited amount of information on the character creation screen doesn't allude to this, but there are numerous class builds and radically different ways of playing as any a given class.

Build For The Late Game

There are some things to buy from the Act 1 merchants that set up the player for success, but the most important investments are the ones that work as well at level 99 as they do at level 1. Farming builds are fine for a few acts, but any build is fine during this time.

The builds that work best are the ones that work late. Since players will spend most of their time in the latter stages of leveling, skills and equipment should be selected based on what will work best during that timeframe, not gimmicky skills that are basically trivial by level 20.

You Should Pay Attention to Your Stamina

Stamina is a special gameplay mechanic which makes player confused in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Players only can sprint for a short time, then they will be out of stamina, and be forced to walk for a long time. You can keep stamina when you are walking around the world and makes sure that you have enough stamina when you meet enemies along the way. Players can also improve stamina by using stamina potions and other useful items. Meanwhile , if you are playing solo in the game, you should often pay attention to your stamina, health and mana. You can run fast with high stamina if you can’t deal with the powerful bosses.


Diablo 2 Resurrected starts out nice and simple, but if you’re a veteran then you may want to test your skills.

Sharing the difficulty levels of the first game is one thing (you’ll want to be geared up before attempting the “Hell” difficulty), but Hardcore mode essentially adds permadeath – so once your warrior falls in battle, they’re gone for good.

Then there are the Uber bosses, which provide the ultimate endgame challenge for players – but also offer some of the game’s best loot.

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