What are the most effective ways to earn rewards on Coinbase.com?

Being a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency, Coinbase.com has always been at the forefront of helping interested as well as existing crypto traders make the most out of their money.

Apart from providing you with a safe and seamless crypto trading experience, the platform also makes sure that users do not face any kind of difficulty during their trading journey.

If you have already been a part of this platform and had been enjoying its services lately, then you must be aware of all the facilities that it comes along with. However, there still are many potential as well as existing traders who do not know about these additional pathways through which they can improve their crypto portfolio.

So, today, through this post, I am going to talk about those additional ways through which you can earn great crypto rewards just by completing a few easy tasks.

A brief intro to the reward-earning methodologies 

Within the Coinbase com platform, there are several options and opportunities through which earning rewards could be made possible. Here is a list of things that you may try doing:

  • Earn rewards by joining the "Coinbase Earn" program
  • Stake some of your crypto assets
  • Convert your Dollars into Stablecoins
  • Lend your crypto on the Centralized Financing platforms
  • And, lend your crypto on the Decentralized Financing apps

By becoming a part of these programs through the Coinbase.com platform, you can easily grow in the crypto trading market space and make your presence count among the top crypto traders. To have an in-depth analysis of these opportunities, you must go through the details that are furnished below.

Let's have an in-depth insight into them  

  • Through Coinbase Earn 

Coinbase com allows you to earn crypto rewards when you become a part of the Coinbase Earn program. There's not much that you need to do under this program. You just need to learn the basics of crypto trading and watch tutorials available there and this will help you earn millions in crypto.

  • Staking crypto assets 

When you reach the Coinbase.com website and create an account for yourself, you may start to stake your crypto assets via the platform. By locking your crypto assets, you can earn interest for your holdings and the best part is there's no involvement of any middleman means there is no involvement of any banking authority. For example, if you stake your ETH, you are subject to getting a reward of around 6% APY.

  • Conversion of Dollars into stablecoins 

If you have staked your crypto assets, you must have been paid in your native cryptocurrency meaning that it will be a volatile asset that you might be having. However, we suggest you buy and hold dollar-pegged stablecoins and earn around 2.00% APY by simply holding them.

  • Lend your crypto assets on the Cefi platforms 

By holding dollars in your account, you may not be able to earn a significant yield. However, by staking on centralized finance platforms, you can surely keep some of your crypto assets in the form of stablecoins. By investing in such a way, the traders on Coinbase.com can easily initiate their earnings with 4.00% APY with the help of USDC.

  • Lend your crypto on the Decentralized Finance apps 

If you think you are ready to take risks to earn higher returns, then I would suggest you lend some of your crypto assets on the Defi platforms. However, experts always suggest its users only invest that much amount that they are comfortable losing.

Concluding thoughts: 

As you can read in the sections above, Coinbase.com makes it pretty easy for crypto traders to maximize their crypto earnings by involving in different reward-earning programs. To have a more in-depth tutorial on the same, you can make your way to the official platform of Coinbase com and there you will be able to get aid from the given tips and tutorials. 


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